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loli_design's Journal

Lolita Designs
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This is a community inspired by all the beautiful designs on the egl community.


1. Everyone should treat each other politely or else you will be unwelcomed.
2. Any image over 400px in width should be placed under a lj-cut.
3. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but c&c isn't "omg ur design sux!" If you're going to give a critque please post a reason behind your criticism.
4. This community is all about the designs of gothic lolita clothing or lolita inspired, so feel free to discuss about designs of brandnames and your own. Or if you need help with a design, ask away!
5. Any weekly design themes will be posted in big bold letters before the guidelines.
6. If you are going to post a photo of a finished product, please post the original design. The only other time you can post a photo is if you wish the community to improve your design (or help you decide on something) or if you want to talk about a specific design from some brandname/company.
7. Don't post anything indecent (ie: tubgirl and if you don't know what that is, don't look it up). You will banned on the spot.

* "EGL art" normally has a lolita in some sort of pose/angle with lots of colors and their pose
normally does not show off all the details of the outfit. [Example]
* a design should ignore the rule of shading and and have crisp lines to show off all the details of the outfit. [Example]
* In most designs facial features are not drawn. It's perfectly acceptable to draw a face with your design to show off what kind of make-up would match of the outfit and anything cosmetic related though.
* The only type of EGL art that will be acceptable is if it shows all the details of the outfit.
(these "hints" are undergoing revision)

For Designers
+ Please use an "invisible" watermark if you are scared of getting your design stolen. Here is the [tutorial]

Admin: chiyo_no_saru
Mods: krnsenshi, kimono, pour_me_coffee
If you have questions or have a problem with the guidelines, email demon_madhatter AT hotmail DOT com