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Planning a dress
by cuttergirl2 (cuttergirl2)
at November 20th, 2008 (07:41 pm)

current mood: hopeful

 I'm planning my first dress. I've made a skirt before, and done multitudes of other sewing projects, but I'm currently trying to plan and execute a cream/white dress for the upcoming holidays. I don't want it to be so ruffles and lace my family thinks I've been abducted by aliens, but I want it to be pretty and girly. I really really like the bell sleeves on this one, and the square neck line,
but I think I'll modify the bodice so it's more of a one piece thing, without the bow in the center, or the faux bodice lacing; but keep the ruffled hem, and maybe the eyelet trim. I <3 this shape though, it feels so French 18th century, like there's mini metal panniers on the hips. Also, I'm not sure I like the ribbon the neck, probably go with a necklace. I have a nice simple pearl necklace that would be appropriate. 
So yeah, any suggestions on modifying the bodice, or where to look for patterns to mod the heck out of would be awesome. Thanks!