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SherryImogen [userpic]
Winter design
by SherryImogen (sherryval)
at October 31st, 2008 (02:53 am)

Hmm, I've been debating making a truly winter lolita dress for a winter celebration. I'm thinking of cutting out several large snow flakes and arranging them to make up a skirt. And perhaps a light blue drapery over the top of it..hm..I can't draw so I can't exactly show what I mean. With a white fleece coat, of course, with small silver snowflakes embroidered upon it, each one different from the others....so it gives a glittering sort of appearance. I'm not sure how to make the top, ribbon on the back of the dress...*sighs*

It sounds nice to me... Oh here! I'll give you a picture of the coat I will most defiantly be doing. (minus the cape)
The coat


Oh! And a muff, I'm such a sucker for muffs, I'm more into the more aristo type of loli fashion.

Is that too much?