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Traeonna [userpic]
Call for Models/Designers for J-Fashion Show
by Traeonna (traeonna)
at June 5th, 2011 (03:11 pm)

Anime World Chicago wants to showcase the Japanese and Asian-inspired fashions. They are looking for designers and models for their J-Fashion Show. They are seeking creators and models to demonstrate the following styles:

* All Lolita styles (sweet, gothic, classic, punk, wa, hime, guro, ouji, boystyle, country, EGL/EGA, etc.)
* All Gal styles (gyaru, ganguro, oneegyaru, kogyaru, manba, gyaru-kei, banba, etc.)
* Decora
* Mori girl
* Visual Kei
* Fairy-kei
* Dolly-kei
* Brand, Off-Brand, Indie Japanese/-inspired fashions
* Other street fashions you suggest!

MODELS WITH WARDROBE: Please write a few sentences about the fashion you're representing (what characterizes that style) and your own outfit (if you made it, bought it, etc.). This will be read while you walk the runway.

MODELS WITHOUT WARDROBE: If you'd love to be a model, send them your info and they'll try to match you up with a designer so you can model their creations in the show.

DESIGNERS: They can match you up with a model. They will also announce you as the creator when the outfit is shown on stage.

PROFESSIONAL COMMISSION ARTISTS: Contribute an outfit for a model to wear in our show and they'll announce your company as the creator during the show as well as give you free space to display fliers or business cards so attendees can pick them up.

If you would like to be involved, please email fashionshow@animeworldexpos.com. Tell them which of the above categories you fit into. Include the fashion you'd like to represent, and if possible, attach or include a link to a photograph or design sketch of your outfit.

Details found at http://www.animeworldchicago.com/events/fashion-show/

tash_alistair [userpic]
by tash_alistair (tash_alistair)
at January 4th, 2010 (03:02 am)

 does anyone have a link to any Lolita patterns?  not just like the ones in the GLB, but i mean any patterns in general? see, im trying to find a project to satisfy me, and i thought of making handbags, bows, hats even.  anything would be appreciated, and just to be sure, yes, i have looked around the web, but i want something that the community likes, and so i thought there would be no better place than here to ask.

aliceinloliland [userpic]
Introduction+ Loliable patterns?
by aliceinloliland (aliceinloliland)
at March 24th, 2009 (04:46 pm)
current mood: creative

Hey, I am new to this com. :) First I would like to say I haven't sewn very much, so any advice would be appreciated. I just finished a plaid skirt I was working on *pic coming soon* and I really really want to attempt a jsk! So I am wondering if anyone knows of any loli patterns or patterns that can be modified to be loli?
Thank you so much, Jamie ♥

Krystal [userpic]
by Krystal (closetvictorian)
at February 24th, 2009 (02:36 pm)

current mood: bored

To keep things semi-alive, how about a conversation about the Bodyline contest that's running right now? Out of bordom, I browsed through a massive amount of entries. There's a lot of stuff that just screams "ita," and I just don't get why some of the people drew their entries in SD either. (Sure, it's cute and all, but you lose a lot of detail that way.) There's a few gems in there, though.

Does anyone have a favorite?

As for favorites, I think it's this one. (Cute Demon Emily - Poland)

And, while I'm not all that big a fan of Bodyline, I entered the contest, anyway. Photobucket isn't being cooperative, so here's the link to my picture, instead:

Piratessan [userpic]
Design a lolita dress and win prizes worth $89!
by Piratessan (piratessan)
at February 20th, 2009 (11:02 am)

I recently stumbled upon this community, and though many of you may already have heard of it and although there isn't much time left, I would like to tell you about this:

Lily the Frilly [userpic]
First post!
by Lily the Frilly (deleciel)
at January 30th, 2009 (09:08 pm)

Ergi by Piratessan design submission...X-posted from facebook xD

Click here to read a wall o'textCollapse )

Click here to see the photoCollapse )

Planning a dress
by cuttergirl2 (cuttergirl2)
at November 20th, 2008 (07:41 pm)

current mood: hopeful

 I'm planning my first dress. I've made a skirt before, and done multitudes of other sewing projects, but I'm currently trying to plan and execute a cream/white dress for the upcoming holidays. I don't want it to be so ruffles and lace my family thinks I've been abducted by aliens, but I want it to be pretty and girly. I really really like the bell sleeves on this one, and the square neck line,
but I think I'll modify the bodice so it's more of a one piece thing, without the bow in the center, or the faux bodice lacing; but keep the ruffled hem, and maybe the eyelet trim. I <3 this shape though, it feels so French 18th century, like there's mini metal panniers on the hips. Also, I'm not sure I like the ribbon the neck, probably go with a necklace. I have a nice simple pearl necklace that would be appropriate. 
So yeah, any suggestions on modifying the bodice, or where to look for patterns to mod the heck out of would be awesome. Thanks!

Captain [userpic]
Keeping things alive XD
by Captain (legsdiamond)
at November 11th, 2008 (09:11 pm)

Really quick, rococo loli designsCollapse )

envirion [userpic]
A couple of quick sketches...
by envirion (envirion)
at November 1st, 2008 (02:42 pm)

Just wanted to share a couple of sketches...
A hanbok-loli with a fro and A queenCollapse )

I hope this comm revives! <3

SherryImogen [userpic]
Winter design
by SherryImogen (sherryval)
at October 31st, 2008 (02:53 am)

Hmm, I've been debating making a truly winter lolita dress for a winter celebration. I'm thinking of cutting out several large snow flakes and arranging them to make up a skirt. And perhaps a light blue drapery over the top of it..hm..I can't draw so I can't exactly show what I mean. With a white fleece coat, of course, with small silver snowflakes embroidered upon it, each one different from the others....so it gives a glittering sort of appearance. I'm not sure how to make the top, ribbon on the back of the dress...*sighs*

It sounds nice to me... Oh here! I'll give you a picture of the coat I will most defiantly be doing. (minus the cape)
The coat


Oh! And a muff, I'm such a sucker for muffs, I'm more into the more aristo type of loli fashion.

Is that too much?

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